Free Online Language Development Test From Japan

Want to know how you can enhance your child's speech? Book our free Online Language Development Test! 

Test Provided by TOY EIGHT consulting, the learning and nurturing partner from Japan.

About Our Online Language Development Test 

Our therapist will check your child's language development online via a video call.
We will measure 3 KEY elements that are essential for speech development: blowing, mimicking, and language understanding, through playful activities that your child can enjoy!

Test results and advice will be provided at the end of the session, so you know how to enhance your child’s speech.

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Duration: 25 minutes (Introduction 10 minutes + Test 15 minutes)
Age range: 2-4 years old
Fee: Get for FREE now!

*This test is not a medical diagnosis.

*Prior interview with the parent will be requested so we can customize the test to suit your child (60-90 mins)

*The animal character of the therapist (shown in the video) is subject to change.


Your Learning and Nurturing Partner 
TOY EIGHT was founded with a mission to unlock and nurture every child's untapped potential. We believe all children are born with the potential for giftedness. However, it is not always easy to recognize and nurture their unique innate abilities. We provide services to recognize and develop each child's unique talents. 

Our Science

Proprietary development test based on world's top-class development tests from Japan

In Japan, children are supported with regular health and developmental examinations from their birth to age four. These tests cover not only intellectual development such as communication and language skills, but also physical development, mental and emotional development, and nutritional status.

TOY EIGHT has developed its own test with experts based on these Japanese developmental examinations with the wish to support parents find out how they can help their child's development.

Our Team

Our team of passionate experts help you enhance your child's development. Research and Analysis team is led by MIT research director. Consulting services created with clinical developmental psychologist, creative director, and play therapist.



Masaki Ishibashi 
Founder and CEO
After graduating from university, Masaki worked as a researcher on education in Southeast Asia for an affiliated organization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He founded TOY EIGHT hoping to solve some of the educational challenges in Southeast Asia.
He is a business advisor for The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Kuala Lumpur under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan (METI). Masaki successfully exports, develops, modifies and fine tunes various Japanese business including but not limited to fashion, F&B, Beauty and education business in Hong Kong, Macau, Guangdong in China, Singapore and Malaysia. 


Dr. Mahender Singh
Founder and CTO
Dr. Singh was the founding Rector/CEO of the Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (MISI). MISI is a joint initiative between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Government of Malaysia. 
He is passionate about Data, Information and Sensor technology.

 TOY8_Shun_MatsuzakaShun Matsuzaka
Founder and CCO
Shun is the founder of McCANN MILLENNAILS, a team of 100 like-minded innovators in APAC. Shun also led several projects like inventing the world's first AI creative director and a “brain-wave meditation” AI robot to push the boundaries of human creativity. He has led product development projects with Panasonic, Honda, Fuji Xerox, Isetan and IBM. Besides being a regular speaker at international conferences.

TOY8_Tobey_LowTobey Low
Therapeutic Play Skill Practitioner
Tobey has 10 years of teaching experience with both typical and children with special needs. She is qualified in Early Childhood Education, Learning Disorders Management & Child Psychology and Therapeutic Play Skills.  Tobey focuses on the emotional needs and mental health of children through play.  Passionate in guiding and coaching adults working with children and parents in terms of education and behavioral management.

TOY8_Minatsu_ArigaMinatsu Ariga
Associate Professor, Tohoku University of Art and Design
She received her Master of Arts from Pittsburg State University, Kansas and completed  Art Therapy and Healing Art studies in Education at Lesley University, Boston. Participated in Project Zero focusing on Multiple intelligences at  Harvard Graduate School of Education (2009-2014). Author of "Finding Your Strengths: Opening Up the Future with Eight Intelligences" a book introducing multiple intelligences theory as well "A Class Popular Among Female University Students where You can Discover Your Amazing ‘True Self’" and "Art Therapy Notebook to Create Your Own Unique Charm."

Durian Sensei
Clinical development psychologist
Involved in children's education for over 30 years at public junior high schools, special needs classes, and special needs schools. Studied psychology and completed training at the National Institute for Special Needs Education. Qualified Clinical Developmental Psychologist, Tanaka-Binet Test Certification, and many others. When he was stationed in Malaysia, he gave lectures on and music therapy and established a music concert performing group at the request of the Parents' Association for Autistic Children (PR4A). Also a professional musician, he has worked with professional orchestras in Japan as well as performing as an extra with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. He has performed at overseas Japanese Embassies, taught brass bands, and given concerts at special needs schools. He continues his life work based on the belief that "music and emotions felt from the heart can be conveyed without words."

Our Services

We provide an online development consultation service and an experiential edutainment playground (opening in 2021 at The Gardens Mall.)
Both of our services are designed to unleash your child’s potential in an unconventional way.

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