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What's unique about us?

1 Proprietary Talent and Development analysis

Through our questionnaire and initial specialist interview, we provide a proprietary analysis to discover your child's unique strengths and talents.

2 Toys customized for each child

Our experts select toys according to strengths and current developmental stages. We also suggest the most efficient activities and the best-suited play for your child.

3 Expert advice and support at all times

Through our free consultation chat service where our experts advise on any parental concerns, we aim to be a nurturing partner for parents.

4 Development Diary

By sharing us videos of your child, you will receive expert advice. The development diary where all videos and advice are stored will help you keep track of your child's growth progress.


"I feel more confident as a parent"


I was told that my child is visually smart / body smart, so I included more visual and physical toys as well as activities for her. I could see this has increased her enthusiasm and ability in concentrating to play for a longer time duration. I feel more confident as a parent now that I understand my child's strengths.
Toy example: Toy example: Medal Gacha. Provided by “Baby Book” A Japanese magazine for child education from Shogakukan

"His mirror writing improved as his strengths were applied."

I was worried about my child's mirror writing, but it improved after playing with the blocks sent by TOY8. They suggested Tublock activities to build alphabet and numbers in three-dimensional because he had a high level of spatial cognition and fine motor skills. This seemed to help him recognize the correct shape. He now loves writing letters to his friend.
Toy example: Tublock

"My child's screen time during lockdown has reduced!"

My son is now engaged in more physical activities after being told he has good gross motor skills. He loved the stepping balls from TOY8 and always sets challenges to compete with his sister. I was concerned about the increase of screen time for my child during lockdown, but I observed his time with the tablet has reduced since he started to spend more time applying his strengths in different activities.
Toy example: Stepping Balls


TOY8 Consulting will provide

- Toys are selected by experts for your child every month.
 - Online talent and development analysis
 - 365 days Whatsapp chat consulting with specialists to get advice just for you and your child
 - Development diary with specialist's observation and comments.

* This program is designed for children 3-5 years old in Klang Valley in Malaysia

Terms of use
TOY8 is not a diagnosis or treatment by a medical doctor. We are the partner of every parent who wants to help their child’s growth in the best way. Based on our own analysis of your child's strengths, we encourage growth through play.
Please consult a medical doctor for diagnosis of developmental disabilities. Children who have been diagnosed are also welcome to participate in TOY8. TOY8 can be enjoyed by all children.

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