Online Development Support From Japan

TOY8 Consulting is a subscription program to support your child's developmental delays and concerns.

We provide proprietary analysis of your child's strengths and current development stage.

By sending us videos and photos of your child via Whatsapp, our experts will check your child's development stage and provide ongoing play suggestions and advice to support his/her development.

*Please note that  this program is designed for children 2-4 years old.

What We Offer

Continuous observation and consultation by education experts

Free Language Development Test

This is a Language Development Test conducted via a video call. Our therapist will check your child's language development online. We will measure the 3 KEY elements that are essential for speech development: blowing, mimicking, and understanding words (ability to understanding the meaning even if he/she doesn't speak them) through playful activities that your child can enjoy. Test results and advice will be provided at the end of the session, to know how to enhance your child’s speech.

Duration: 30 minutes
Age range: 2-4 years old
Fee: Get for FREE now!

*This test is not a medical diagnosis.
*The animal character of the therapist (shown in the video) is subject to change.

Our Science

Before You Purchase

TOY8 is not a diagnosis or treatment by a medical doctor. We are the partner of every parent who wants to help their child’s growth in the best way.Based on our own analysis of your child's strengths, we encourage growth through play.

Please consult a medical doctor for diagnosis of developmental disabilities. Children who have been diagnosed are also welcome to participate in TOY8. TOY8 can be enjoyed by all children.