Our Science

Theory of multiple intelligences

Talent analysis based on the theory of Multiple Intelligences by Harvard University, the leading authority on talent measurement.

Human beings are intelligent. The theory argues that instead of seeing intelligence as a single general ability, it can be split into different categories of intelligence. It is a theory that describes the different ways your child can learn and acquire information.

Our service is designed to naturally stimulate your child’s interest in wanting to engage, play, and learn more independently. We believe that by bringing this theory to life in an easy-to-understand way, your child’s ability can be properly identified and narrowed down, making it easier for you to further develop their strengths.

Proprietary development test based on world's top-class development tests from Japan

In Japan, children are supported with regular health and developmental examinations from their birth to age four. These tests cover not only intellectual development such as communication and language skills, but also physical development, mental and emotional development, and nutritional status.
TOY EIGHT has developed its own test with experts based on these Japanese developmental examinations with the wish to support parents find out how they can help their child's development.